Pimp my MV Swoon-worthy stuff (aka portfolio highlights) They said what?! 😭(100% happy tears, by the way)

They said what?! 😭(100% happy tears, by the way)

I'm absolutely grateful that I get to work with the most amazing and inspiring creatives - and just in case you were wondering, they seem to like me too 😊

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to seriously upgrade their Membervault look. My clients LOVE it and I'm so excited to update everything inside with the templates! It made it super easy to for me to create the graphics and it looks so professional and stylish. And you were SUPER helpful and cheerful about it! I also love that you did the custom domain the next day because it wasn't working that day even though technically it wasn't in the scope of time agreed - you went above and beyond!


I have never in my life, in any of my careers, worked with someone so thorough and efficient. It is a dream to work alongside someone like Juci who is dedicated to getting things done right. I never have to worry about the job only being half done or sloppy. It is so refreshing to be able to put that kind of trust in someone else! Juci does an amazing job at explaining things that I don’t understand and I never feel embarrassed asking her questions. My blog would not be where it is today without her help. She has helped me grow beyond what I could have done myself and I am extremely grateful.


Before hiring Juci, I was doing all my own development alongside design. As my WordPress projects got larger and more complex, I realized that I couldn’t – and shouldn’t – be doing everything alone. I reached out to Juci because I wanted to focus on what I’m truly good at: design and marketing. Since working with Juci, I’ve been able to take on more clients and boost my revenue because I’m not spending hours coding every site I create. For every hour Juci spends on something, I feel like I gain two. Juci consistently delivers high-quality work on time and it give me peace of mind knowing I can trust her with my client’s sites. I highly recommend her!


With Juci, I have such peace of mind for my website. She works through any problem or technical difficulty I have, in the most efficient manner. She always seems to be 5 steps ahead of me with new tech updates and issues. Having her help when I need it has been a game changer for me!


What can I say about Juci? She's freaking awesome. Not only did she hold my hand through the process of creating my first ever site, she explained the terminology I wasn't familiar with, she keep her cool when I frustratingly changed themes half way through the project and she made me feel heard. I felt safe and really happy that I chose her as my designer for my first website. If you've ever launched a website you'll know how much love and attention and thought goes into each and every word, image and link. Juci was right there with me and we worked through the project together. Juci helped to trouble shoot and guided me in every way, it was great to wake up in the morning and see all the changes that she had made overnight. I'll be continuing my relationship with Juci and I can't wait to see what else we create together. If you're looking for some 'code and glitter' in your life, you're looking for Juci.


Juci first came to my rescue when I was getting ready to launch The Productivity Zone and none of the opt-ins or newsletter sign-ups worked. I was freaking out and within ONE HOUR Juci had everything working and straightened out!!! Because I was such a ConvertKit newb, she suggested a power hour session to go through the basics of ConvertKit and funnels/sequences. I had a ton of questions and Juci was very patient and even more thorough. I love that the entire session is recorded so I can go back anytime I need a refresh! I wouldn’t even know what I was LOOKING AT in ConvertKit if it wasn’t for her!!!


Juci is a strategic genius that helped me put some method to the madness behind my launch. Before working with Juci, my launches always lead to burnouts and super sad conclusions. Once Juci helped me, we were able to take all my crazy ideas and execute on the ones that I was the most passionate about and get better results. I made some big decisions in my last launch and it was because of Juci's support that got me there. It is a game changer working with her!


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