The Creeper Sequence Template

Forge a deep connection with your hottest leads - and increase your sales in one fell swoop

Picture this: you're launching your next amazing program. Your emails are popping. And, you can see that your people are clicking through to your gorgeous sales page - but they don't always buy (LE GASP).

Is it something you said? Are they just lurking? Did they want to buy but then got distracted by a particularly nasty wasp? Or do they have some questions they may or may not ever get around to asking?

The Creeper Sequence lets you tap into this vastly underutilized part of the customer journey so you can open up a beautiful line of communication with those people - automagically

(Oh, and the best part? No restraining orders needed.)

What's in it for you?

Instant(ish) access: This template is going to be ready to hit your inbox on the 25th of February. Once it does, you're just mere seconds away from accessing it so you can start implementing right away.

Tips, golden nuggets & techy screenshots: This template comes with content prompts, expert tips, and screenshots. You'll feel confident AF knowing what you'll need to implement and HOW - and you'll know the purpose behind every single step. 

Video walkthrough: Are you more of a follow-along type of person? I gotchu. Included with your purchase, you'll get access to a short and to-the-point video walkthrough that will show you the exact process, from top to bottom.

Modifications to fit your tech stack: I will show you the setup using MemberVault and MailerLite - but don't fret if these are not the exact platforms you're using! Your template purchase includes tips and tricks to modify this whole thing to fit your stack.   

Safe checkout: Your payment goes through the secure gateways of PayPal or Stripe. Rest assured that your information is safe and won't end up in the hands of a Nigerian prince or the Tinder Swindler.

What's not included?

Endless hours of video footage: this is not a course (at least not a content-heavy one) - and this is a great thing. I know your time is limited, so I want you to be able to hit the ground running and start implementing this in no time. 

Me implementing stuff for you: this is a DIY type of product, so you'll be the one creating all that techy magic. With that said, if you'd like some extra support, you'll get the chance to book a sesh with me. 

A road trip to Joshua Tree: I WISH.


Feel free to reach out to me via email (, or via the chat bubble in the lower right corner.

Who dis?

Heyooo, Juci here - aka The Woman Rescuing Your Program From The Online Course Graveyard 👋 I'm the founder of Code & Glitter, where I help thought leaders create rave-worthy online courses as ridiculously addictive as Netflix. (Yup, we're talking Squid Game-level addictive.)

The Code & Glitter method was designed specifically to combat poor conversions and lackluster completion rates, both leading challenges of online creators today.

When I'm not geeking out in front of my computer, you can find me stepping on guys' feet on various dance floors (as long as swing music is playing), sipping fancy cocktails at the beach, or getting absolutely destroyed in any board game that requires a pokerface. Oh, and my name is pronounced like "UC", in case you wanted to send me an audio message but were terrified you'd say it wrong.

Some legal stuff

Purchasing this template gets you a personal use license to the template - which means that you can use it in your own business as you see fit, for as many programs as you'd like. However, this does not include reselling the template, using it in your own courses or programs as a resource, or using it for client work. If this is something you'd be interested in, then please reach out via, and let's set up a licensing deal. Cool? Cool.

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