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You are a creative through and through - bursting with amazing ideas, dreaming up exciting projects, and building your magical online empire.

And now, you've finally arrived - you have a MemberVault account. Maybe you've done some work on it already, maybe not, but there is one thing you're sure about: it definitely doesn't reflect your epicness as it is right now.

If you're nodding like crazy, then you're exactly at the right place ✨

Imagine if you too could have a perfectly on-brand and uniquely fabulous MemberVault account that stands out from the crowd and has everyone go 😍🤩 in the Collaborative and beyond, without you having to figure out any of the techy bits yourself ✨

Imagine if you could send your MV link to your people knowing that they'll have a beautifully seamless, luxurious experience while browsing your amazing content 💖

And don't even get me started on all the integrations, MV Actions and customer journey stuff - wouldn't it feel good to have someone else deal with these while you get to sit down with a cup of coffee (or a fancy drink 🍹) to dream up your next big idea or work on something that actually excites you and propels your business forward? 

Did I hear a HELL YES?

Sign up for this exclusive 1:1 service and I'll turn your MV from meh 😕 to WOW 🤩🤯 - so you can go back to focusing on your unique zone of genius.

The best part? You don't have to wait forever to see your tasks completed. When you sign up, you get to call dibs on a 2-week interval - and by the end of it, you'll have your total eye-candy of a MemberVault Marketplace.

What's with all the payment options?

Well, let me tell you. Long story short, you can choose from 3 packages.

1️⃣ The first one is for you if you have all your images locked and loaded, you just want to add some sizzle to your MV - then I'll come in and add some CSS to make your account even more on-brand. ($697)

2️⃣ The second option is best for you if you'd also like me to create some fancy new images for your products and modules, on top of the CSS work. ($997)

3️⃣ If you want to go big, then option 3 is for you - this includes everything I told you about up until this point, aaaand I'll also set up your MV Actions and integrations with your email service provider. ($1497)

What's included?

🔮Everything your chosen package includes - see the previous section 😄

🔮My attention on your MV for two weeks 

🔮Voxer access to me before and during your chosen time frame 

🔮Tutorial videos relevant to you - the knowledge you need to maintain the tech I set up for you so you won't ever feel left in the dark

🔮30 days of post-sesh support - if you have any questions about how stuff works, I'm just an email away

🔮Lifetime Repeat Client discounts - you'll always get the best price

    Not sure about something or have any questions? Feel free to reach out via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page 😄 Or, send me a voice message through Voxer - my ID is codeandglitter over there.

    Who the heck am I and why choose me?

    Oh hey! If we haven't met yet, let me introduce myself - I'm Juci (pronounced like "UC", no matter how much cooler the other pronunciation you probably had in your head would sound). I'm a MV Certified Partner, tech VA and strategist with a passion (and specality!) to turn MV Marketplaces from average to unforgettable 💖 If you've seen me around the MV Collab, you know that I'm a wielder of CSS magic - I love to complement design with code to create truly beautiful and unique MV Marketplaces. Is yours next? ✨ 

    Do you have any questions for me? Don't hesitate to send me a message through the chat bubble in the bottom right corner, or shoot me an email to juci@codeandglitter.com and I'll reply ASAP!

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