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This is a humble little (but ever-growing) hub for all the free stuff I can give you for your precious e-mail address.

Right now, you'll find:

  • a Clarity Burst module where you can ask me a business strategy/tech question that keeps you up at night - and receive a personalized answer in 48 hours
  • the Rebel's Idea Bin - my framework for validating your product idea so you won't have to launch to crickets

Oh, and I will never sell your e-mail address to the Nigerian prince, so you don't even have to worry about that.

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Mia - a ConvertKit template

Are you tired of all those basic ConvertKit templates?

You're not alone.

Download Mia, a beautiful and customizable template – don’t worry, it comes with installation and customization instructions so you will know what to do and what to change to make it really yours.

Learn More Yes to fancy e-mails! ($25)

Down with the hackers!

Ah, Wordpress. So many moving parts, so many possibilities, so many hackers trying to get in.

If you'd like to make sure that your precious online home doesn't get replaced by random Viagra ads one day, then this subscription was made for you.

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Strategy session

Brainstorming a product idea? Making sense of a platform you've been paying for since forever but never really used because you just found it too confusing? Mapping out a launch? Streamlining your systems?

If you're struggling with any of these (or something similar!), then give me 60 to 90 minutes and you'll walk away with a deep understanding and a personalized action plan.

Learn More Let's go! ($135)
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