MemberVault ADVANCED Try some CSS before you buy! Pointy edges

Pointy edges

Turn this:

Into this:

This one is for the product listings:

.rounded-lg, .lg\:rounded-lg {
border-radius: 0rem;

This one is for the buttons:

.mv_content a.mv_secondary_button, .mv_secondary_button, .mv_content a.mv_primary_button, .mv_primary_button {
border-radius: 0rem;

Use this if you want to make every edge pointy 😄

.rounded-lg, .lg\:rounded-lg, .mv_content a.mv_secondary_button, .mv_secondary_button, .mv_content a.mv_primary_button, .mv_primary_button {
border-radius: 0rem;

As always, paste the code snippet of your choice to Settings -> General -> Advanced Settings -> Custom CSS!

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Try some CSS before you buy!

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