Glitter Credit

You know you want to work with me during the next year but you aren't quite ready yet? Love a super-limited-time deal? Then get your hands on Glitter Credits - it's just like a gift card, but for you and your business.

Here's how it works:

✨ If you wanna spend some or all of your credit, email me and I either give you a custom coupon code for the offer you want or give you access directly

✨ You can use your credit towards something bigger, or a bunch of smaller things

✨ You can use it for anything I offer, including 1:1 work

✨ Glitter Credit can be used between August 10, 2022, and August 10, 2023

✨ Glitter Credit is non-refundable, non-transferable, and doesn't roll over

✨ Glitter Credit is only available for purchase until the 10th of August

Any questions? Hit me up using the little chat bubble in the corner!

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 $100 Glitter Credit for $80 (20% discount)
 $80.00 USD
 $200 Glitter Credit for $150 (25% discount)
 $150.00 USD
 $500 Glitter Credit for $350 (30% discount)
 $350.00 USD
 $1000 Glitter Credit for $650 (35% discount)
 $650.00 USD

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