Summer of CSS Magic

Summer of CSS Magic

Do you want a super custom, gorgeous MV but the thought of coding gives you the creeps?

If you're following all the amazingness happening in #MVLand, you know that Steve Knots is dropping an epic CSS podcast series through June and July - and we thought that it would be amazing to be able to go even deeper so Summer of CSS Magic was born. 

In this live program, I'll take Steve's topic of the week, expand on it and give you some of my most popular, easy-to-use code snippets - so you can turn your MV from meh 😕 to wow 😍 faster than you can put on your favorite vacation playlist (no doubt starting with I Want It That Way).

No 2-hour replays to watch, no complicated content - it'll take about 30-60 minutes each week to work through and implement the snippets, so you can spend as much time sipping cocktails on the beach as humanly possible 🍹 

So, what's included?

DIY, baby


a weekly drop of CSS snippets

a deep-yet-simple explanation of how the snippet works so you can confidently tweak it

access to the material forever and ever

Glitter Galore


everything in the DIY version, plus:

direct access to my code brain - you'll be able to ask me questions each week so you can troubleshoot and personalize your snippets even further

invitation to a bonus call in August, where I'll answer your burning questions and check your work as time permits

The schedule & all the goodness we'll cover:

MODULE 1: WTF IS CSS? (June 5)
We'll go over the basics of what CSS is, where it goes, and what to do about bugs, mistakes, oopsies and impending code-related apocalypses.
Ever wanted to elevate the style of your existing buttons, or sprinkle some extra ones all over your pages or lessons? Well, this week you'll gain the superpowers to do exactly that.
These fancy clickable modules you're looking at right now? Believe it or not, they are pretty simple to create, and this week I'll prove it to you.
Your pages deserve more than black text on a simple gray background. In this module, you'll learn how to create some gorgeous boxes that lead your audience's eyes so you can show off your product's amazingness in style.
Ever wondered how to remove all the elements that you definitely don't need on a captivating, full-width, pro-looking sales page? That's what we'll tackle this week.
This week, you'll learn how to style the sign-up form and the navigation arrow - and give a little extra branding love to your MV.
Ever wanted to create an As Seen In section, or a beautiful About Me block? Now is your time.
MODULE 8: IMAGES (July 29)
In our grand finale, we'll look at styling your images, and adding a background image to your welcome area. Talk about bang for your code buck!

Meet your host

Heyooo, Juci here 👋I’m a code nerd with a passion for design, and I’m also rumored to be the queen of CSS if you trust the whispers in the MV Collaborative. I help badass business owners create totally gorgeous, show-stopping MVs - from bold, on-brand designs to luxurious course experiences that their students can’t get enough of. After a long day of geeking out, you can find me stepping on guys' feet on the Lindy Hop dance floor, sipping a fancy cocktail at the beach, or get absolutely destroyed in any board game that requires a pokerface.

Want proof that I know my shit? Check out some of my work here 💅 

RSVP now - we're getting started this Sunday!

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Hot MV summer, here I come โœจ

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