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Let's be honest - MV Actions can feel awfully daunting at first, so if you've ever found yourself looking at them only to immediately get overwhelmed and contemplate throwing your computer out of the window, you're SO not alone.

This is exactly why I'm hosting this Masterclass - to show you a simple and approachable way to start thinking about Actions and to help your map out your own signature customer journey, using all the Actions you need and purposefully ignoring the ones you don't (that's just so liberating, yo!).

So, this is how we're gonna roll:

  • First, we'll go through a brief overview of MV Actions and learn a simple categorization technique that'll help you understand the method to the madness 
  • Then I'll show you my favorite way to map out complex customer journeys without any overwhelm or tech dread
  • Finally, we'll see how to set up one workflow from top to bottom so you'll know exactly which puzzle pieces you need to put together to create something spectacular (and yes, this is where your email marketing platform comes into play)

If you thought I won't sweeten the deal for you, then think again - if you sign up before the 1st of March, I'll personally review your Action strategy

Who the heck am I and why embark on this journey with me?

Oh hey! If we haven't met yet, let me introduce myself - I'm Juci (pronounced like "UC", no matter how much cooler the other pronunciation you probably had in your head would sound). I'm a MemberVault Certified Partner and if you've ever run into me in the community, you know how much I love helping amazing entrepreneurs like you create magical MemberVault Marketplaces ✨ I'm also a tech VA and a coder with a Data Science degree so you could say that hardcore, logical left-brain stuff is my jam. My passion is to combine the gorgeous with the strategic to help you craft an unforgettable experience for your students and customers.

Are you ready to make the magic of MV Actions finally work for you? 

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