MemberVault ADVANCED {2020}

Have you spent way too much time on setting up your MemberVault account but it still feels a bit... bland?

Have you caught yourself rescheduling the "make my MV  epic AF" item in your to-do app for the millionth time? 

Have you felt so overwhelmed and unsure about where to even begin that resisting the urge to throw your computer out of the window started to feel oddly difficult?

If this is you, then you're exactly in the right place. I created an epic workshop series to eliminate the overwhelm and get some serious shiz done so you can walk away with a MemberVault Marketplace that is just as amazing and professional as you are

Do you know how a lot of people tend to procrastinate around this time of the year, saying that they'll continue building their businesses when the New Year comes? Well, not you. Not this year.

Imagine if you could...

✅ finally relax and rejoice in the knowledge that you have an MV marketplace that you're damn proud of - and one that delights your audience

💸 rake in those end-of-year, "I'll buy this now so that I can use it when I start focusing on my business / health / personal development in January" dollaz without having to worry about the tech

✨ get feedback from a MemberVault Certified Partner who has worked on some of the most beautiful and effective MV accounts around (heyyy, that's me! 👋🏻)

🎄 enjoy your holidays in pure tech bliss

Sounds good? Good. Let's talk about the deets then.

Here is what's gonna go down:

Day 1: buckle up and finally set up your MemberVault from scratch (consider this your pre-work!) 👩🏻‍💻 

Day 2: create eye-catching graphics that stand out and position you like the pro that you are 🎨

Day 3: use CSS to turn your MV from meh to WOW 🤩 

Day 4: make sense of actions and create a dreamy customer journey 👯‍♀️ 

Day 5: keep in touch with your people - learn how to set up email with MV and figure out what to send to your customers so they feel like they're in the VIP lounge 💅 

Why should you join now?

Because you know you've been putting this off since forever, haven't you? Now, this is your time to follow along with my super actionable workshops and finally get shiz done! OH, and did I mention feedback? From the moment you purchase your pass, you have a 1-month support period to reach out to me with your questions and feedback requests. Pretty neat, huh?

So, just to recap, this is what you get:

  • 5 days of massive action-taking (day passes are available if you'd prefer to mix & match)
  • opportunity to get my nerdy, design-loving, strategic eyes on your MV
  • screen-share walkthroughs and expert feedback, all in a nice little package with a bow on top - what can be better than that?

Did anyone say BONUSES??

You betcha! If you get the all-access pass, you'll also get access to my famous CSS snippet library, so you can elevate the look and feel of your MV in a matter of seconds. 

Who the heck am I and why embark on this journey with me?

Oh hey! If we haven't met yet, let me introduce myself - I'm Juci (pronounced like "UC", no matter how much cooler the other pronunciation you probably had in your head would sound). I'm a MemberVault Certified Partner and if you've ever run into me in the community, you know how much I love helping amazing entrepreneurs like you create magical MemberVault Marketplaces ✨ I'm also a tech VA and a coder with a Data Science degree so you could say that hardcore, logical left-brain stuff is my jam. My passion is to combine the gorgeous with the strategic to help you craft an unforgettable experience for your students and customers.

Are you ready for some magical momentum? I can't wait to see you there!

10 Modules

Try some CSS before you buy!

Want a little taste of the magic of CSS? Try these snippets for free to uplevel the look and feel of your account!

DAY 1: Set up & hit the ground running

Learn the anatomy of MemberVault and set it up perfectly from scratch!

DAY 2: Gorgeous graphics with Canva

Create gorgeous and effective graphics for your products that your ideal customers will fall in love with ✨

DAY 3: CSS magic basics

Customize your MV with the magic of CSS and make your account truly shine!

DAY 4: Actions & epic customer journeys

It's time to figure out MV Actions and gamification so you can craft a dreamy customer journey and keep your people engaged!

DAY 5: Email your VIPs

Craft your email strategy and set up the techy bits so you can seamlessly nurture your peeps 💖

DAY 6: Catch-up, co-working & implementation badassery

It's time to 👏 get 👏 everything 👏 done 👏

So, how was it, ?

Your feedback is SO appreciated 💖

Share Your Story

I'm 100% sure you did some epic stuff during MemberVault ADVANCED - and I'd LOVE to share your story with my audience!

Modules for this product 10

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